Building and Fitting Out the SMS Hindenburg

How to Build a Derfflinger-Class Battlecruiser for IR/CWCC Combat
SMS Hindenburg Ready for NATS98

The IR/CWCC is a club dedicated to building and fighting surface ships modeled on actual ships commissioned between 1905 and 1946. These ships are built with sides of 1/32" balsa while the cannons use CO2 to fire BB's.

There are numerous pages dedicated to our "Magnificent Obsession," but few that will help the beginner get a ship on the water. I hope that beginners and experienced captains alike will find these pages helpful.

Though these pages will concentrate on a Derfflinger-class battlecruiser, many of the ideas contained within are applicable to just about any other ship in the hobby.

2006 IR/CWCC National Competition (NATS)

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